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Quetta Textile Mills Ltd: Spinning Unit

Download Spinning Machinery Details (PDF)


Raw cotton from the premium growing areas of Punjab province is selected and the year’s entire requirement of cotton is covered during the peak cotton season, thus ensuring smooth availability of consistent and high-quality fibre throughout the year. Besides, we provide our customers with imported cotton options for contamination free yarns and fabrics. Egyptian Giza, USA Fibremax and West African origin cotton adds to our diverse range of products. Raw material quality is scientifically managed in our fibre testing lab, which contains a complete range of modern cotton testing equipments, including HVI 1000.

We produce yarns ranging from:
• Ring Spun carded & combed yarns
• Schlafhorst Autocoro open-end yarns
• Rieter K-44 Compact Com4 yarns
• Lycra Core Spun yarns
• Slub yarns
• Bamboo / Cotton blended yarns
• Flax linen / Cotton blended yarns
• TFO plied yarns
• Yarn from regenerated Cotton

Our yarns meet the top 5% Uster standards. Each shipment is lab-checked. In-house consumption of yarns in our integrated weaving plants ensures immediate feedback on quality and performance.

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