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    Annual Fabric Production
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Welcome to Quetta Textile Mills Ltd.

Quetta Textile Mills Ltd. is a vertically integrated spinning and weaving operation with 73,488 spindles, 1104 rotors and 250 airjet looms. We use the most modern systems to produce a wide variety of ring spun and open-end yarns and woven fabrics for our customers.

One of Pakistan's leading enterprises, Quetta Textile Mills has a
global vision that is rooted in traditional values. Quetta Textile is driven by a performance ethic that is based on value creation for its clientele.

Our Values

M anaging and developing human resources is an integral part of our business. Constant retraining and essential skill development programs are in place providing our team with opportunity to adapt to a changing environment.

We are an equal opportunity employer and is constantly looking to recruit highly skilled and motivated people to be part of a growing team.

Social Responsibility

Q uetta Textile Mills Ltd. actively sponsors and participates in several welfare projects as part of its social responsibilities towards society. Some of the activities we are involved in include:

  • Water Filtration Plant in Kotri to provide clean drinking water for the general population
  • Entire labour force of the company is provided with free education for their children
  • An eye clinic is operated for the welfare of the people at large
  • Operating theatre at a neighbouring hospital in Kotri
  • Dedicated clinic & operating theatre in the earthquake affected Northern areas of Pakistan.
Our Strength
  • 100,000
  • 3000
  • 250
    Air Jet Looms
  • 29,000 tons
    Annual Yarn Production
  • 70 Million Meters
    Annual Fabric Production



Raw cotton from the premium growing areas of Punjab province is selected and the year’s entire requirement of cotton is covered during the peak cotton season, thus ensuring smooth availability of consistent and high-quality fibre throughout the year.

We provide our customers with imported cotton options for contamination free yarns and fabrics. Raw material quality is scientifically managed in our fibre testing lab, which contains a complete range of modern cotton testing equipment, including HVI 1000.

We produce yarns ranging from:

  • Ring Spun carded & combed yarns
  • Schlafhorst Autocoro open-end yarns
  • Rieter K-44 Compact Com4 yarns
  • Lycra Core Spun yarns
  • Slub yarns
  • Bamboo / Cotton blended yarns
  • Flax linen / Cotton blended yarns
  • TFO plied yarns
  • Yarn from regenerated Cotton
  • Polyester/Cotton Yarns

5% Uster Standards

Our yarns meet the top 5% Uster standards. Each shipment is lab-checked.

Quality Control

In-house consumption of yarns in our integrated weaving plants ensures immediate feedback on quality and performance.

Spinning Machine details

View our Spinning machinery details, click here.




Our weaving division, consisting of 250 Tsudakoma airjet looms with latest Benninger back process, produces fabrics for the high-end garment and home textile industries.

Fabrics up to 76” in width for the apparel market ranging from stretch twills and satins to custom-designs, double-face fabrics and Moleskins are produced using high-quality yarns from the Group's own spinning mills. Six color Dobby looms equip us to produce a wide variety of yarn-dyed fabrics.

Wider width fabrics up to 128” in width, such as poplins, high thread count satins (T-200 to T-800 with 4 pick insertion), are produced. We strive to achieve a high degree of reliability and are committed to utilizing state-of-the-art technology to achieve higher efficiency and performance targets. For three decades our products have remained the top choice for the most quality conscious industry end-users.


State of the Art Fabric Lab

Our in-house laboratory with up-to-date fabric testing equipment help us produce fabric at international standards

Quality Control

Every inch of fabric goes through intense quality control to ensure our top quality standards are met and maintained.

Weaving Machinery details

View our weaving machinery details, click here.

Our Products

Quetta Textile Mills Ltd produces the finest yarn and fabric including Organic Cotton, Tencel, Bamboo Yarn, Yarn from Regenerated Cotton, Slub and Compact yarn among others.



Contact Us

Feel free to contact us via contact details provided here.

Contact details
Nadir House, Ground Floor,
I. I. Chundrigar Road,
Karachi-74000, Pakistan

+ 92 21 3241 4334
+ 92 21 3241 9593
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